How to update Alpine ICS-X8 Firmware


My Alpine ICS-X8 media player got old Firmware. Here is help to update it. 

 In Europe that folder name is RAAG005A

  • Make sure in ROOT got only that one folder.
  • Go to your car and add USB drive to USB Connect ( you got 2 of those)
  • Then Alpine ask for you, Update now ? OK or CANCEL. Press OK, and wait about 15 minutes
  • When update is ready, Alpine reboot and you can take USB Drive off.
  • If you use iPhone 5 /5C, now you can use App called Aha Radio (from Appstore)


FightBack – Pekka Hyysalo

Pakko arvostaa! Ole sinäkin mukana!


The FightBack was founded by Pekka Hyysalo (the Fighter) with the support of Florian Lehmann in Kaprun, 2012. They talked about the financial problems Pekka had faced since the injury and so on. They decided to put up a brand, which collects money to support firstly Pekka’s rehabilitation, but once it get’s bigger it will help others too.

Pekka’s Blog: