N.E.T.A Timeattack in Auto24RING Pärnu / Estonia 11.7.2015 (pictures & Video)




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Sami Sivonen:
Olihan kisa.
Oli kaikkee pikku ongelmaa, ensin meni pyöränlaakeri, sitten ahtoputki, sitten kiehu bensa tankissa, sit hajos ainaki turbo.

No, vajaatehosena superlapilla viides, kolmossijasta jäätiin 0.2 sekuntia. Rasse meni liian lujaa, vaikka oliski ollu pelit iskussa, ei ois 1:17-aikoihin päästy.
Mantorpissa tulee jännää. Ollaan sarjassa 4 pistettä perässä Rassea.

Ruokonen takes unlimited win in Pärnu!
Ruokonen – who had engine issues in Kemora, had fixed his Skyline and was on a good pace all weekend.

Team had lot of drama, including a bonnet that took airborne at the high speed corner in the qualifying. The team had to come up with a quick fix, as the carbon fibre wing also got damaged because of flying debris at the speed of well over 200kph.
At first it looked like Rasse would not get to superlap at all, when oil pump got loose, and team got it fixed in just a minute before the superlap.

On superlap Rasse made truly an attack, when he improved his qualifier lap time by two seconds, stopping clocks at 1:17.364, leaving everyone else more than two seconds behind.
Sivonen made his personal best also on superlap, but Lithuania’s Martynas Griskas beat him by just 0.2 seconds.
Battle for championship will be fierce in Mantorp finals, as only one point separate Sivonen and Ruokonen.
In pro street, Toivonen ensured his NETA championship by winning in Pärnu. With his new sequential gearbox he dominated the whole pack on semi slick tyres, leaving even the unlimited cars, driving on full slicks, behind.



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Full video:

APR Finland Motorsport – Sami Sivonen / Seat Leon +600hp


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